Amazon EKS Update: Transition from Kubernetes 1.25

Introduction to Amazon EKS and Kubernetes 
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed service that simplifies the running of Kubernetes on AWS without requiring the installation and operation of the Kubernetes management infrastructure. Kubernetes, an open-source system, automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.


Recent Updates and Their Impact
Amazon recently announced extended support for Kubernetes versions in EKS, allowing clusters to run on any supported Kubernetes version for up to 26 months from its release. This change significantly extends the lifecycle of Kubernetes versions beyond the standard support, which covers only 14 months.


Cost Implications for EKS 1.25 Users
For those using Kubernetes 1.25 or other older versions like 1.23 and above in EKS, a new pricing model will be implemented. Starting from April 2024, such clusters will incur a charge of $0.60 per cluster per hour. This adjustment marks an increase from the previous rate of $0.10 per cluster per hour for clusters in standard support. The increase aims to cover the extended lifecycle support costs, including security patches and critical updates.


Decision Points for EKS Users
Companies need to evaluate whether the extended support is beneficial in the long run, considering the higher cost. Transitioning to newer Kubernetes versions or optimizing cluster usage might offset the increased expenses while benefiting from longer support durations and enhanced security.


In Conclusion
The latest update to Amazon EKS presents a crucial decision point for businesses leveraging Kubernetes. While the extended support offers increased stability and security, the associated costs require careful consideration. Organizations should analyze their current and future needs to make informed decisions that align with their operational objectives and budget constraints.

For more detailed information on this update, you can visit the official AWS announcement.

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